Pizza du Soleil

The “Pizza du Soleil” blog post is intended to reach female and male young professionals who are conscious about food trends and about maintaining a healthy yet fun lifestyle. The content in the post highlights the organic and fresh aspects that the restaurant offers to locals and visitors of Hermosa Beach. It hopes to catch the attention, visually as well as verbally, of pizza enthusiasts and of health conscious foodies that look for new alternatives to become a regular at a place.

I decided to target young professionals because they are trend starters and followers.


1. 5 reasons why Pizza du Soleil will leave you wanting seconds! #pizzadusoleil #hermosabeach

2. Follow the scent of what’s cooking in Pizza du Soleil’s oven! It won’t leave you feeling guilty! #pizzadusoleil #hermosabeach

3. Pizza and healthy in the same sentence? See it to believe it! #pizzadusoleil #hermosabeach


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