Pizza redefined in 5 reasons

 Made with real organic and local ingredients, Pizza du Soleil is the first and only of its kind here in Downtown Hermosa Beach. We are redesigning the way you look and taste pizza!

Pizza is universally loved, but most of the time it doesn’t love us back with its fattening and unhealthy ingredients. Fortunately for the residents of Hermosa beach and its visitors, we provide a healthy and delicious variety of pizzas that won’t leave you feeling guilty of having a second slice! Our pizza is not just a quick fix alternative to your weeknight dinner or your weekend pleasure! It is a great dining experience you’ll want to get more than seconds!

Here are five reasons why enjoying our pizza is guilty free:

1. Atmosphere: Our pizza and clients have one thing in common, they’re not stuffy! We want you to feel comfortable inside our casual, yet classic restaurant. You can come in and enjoy our tasty dishes or simply stop by for a drink! Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.00.21 PM

2. Healthy ingredients: Not only are the ingredients fresh and organic, they are also locally grown, making our pizza healthy for your body and the community! You won’t feel guilty about spending your dough here OR enjoying the one we will freshly prepare for you to savor!


3. Location: Downtown Hermosa Beach offers the perfect setting for our one of a kind pizzas! The occasion doesn’t matter, there is always reason to celebrate our great city and people with delicious pizzas!


4. Customer service: You will feel right at home and everyone will know your name (and what pizzas you love)! We make sure to record your favorites at Pizza du Soleil.


5. Unique: Pizza du Soleil is the first of its kind in Hermosa Beach! We offer quality ingredients as well as service! Got a special ingredient in mind that you can’t seem to find anywhere else? We’ll take the challenge of finding it and making you a delicious pizza upon request!


Pizza and drinks infographic:

pizza infographic
Find the perfect combination!

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