Experience the Big Game at 35,000 feet

You’re traveling domestically, that big game you wanted to watch is happening right now, but you are 35,000 feet in the air. Not a problem! Last night our flyers were able to watch the XLVIII Superbowl live from their seats! Four new channels, NBC-NY/WNBC (live), FOX News (live), TBS (live) and FOX-NY/WNYW (live), have been added to our television lineup so you can enjoy a live stream of the games you thought you would miss!

But wait, a big game should be accompanied with a great atmosphere! What if you want to share your thoughts on a move that player made? How about snacks to enjoy? Virgin America’s got you covered with 5 reasons why catching the game in the air will be a great experience:

Wifi: You’ll find on-flight wifi on every trip! Don’t worry about being the last to comment about the game online, with our Wifi you can update your status in real time and never miss out on the cyber action.

Plugs: Your electronic device won’t run out of battery, so now you can have that discussion about those sell-out refs with your buddy as it is happening!

Seat-to-seat delivery: Your team just made a great pass and you want to celebrate with a fellow  fan! Use our Red touch screen entertainment system and select who you’ll treat, we’ll deliver it directly to them.

Food and drinks: Watching the big game wouldn’t be the same without the proper snacks and refreshments. How about a Mexican cheese platter and a beer to go with that game?

Great atmosphere: Consider having your next watch party on board. The crew and flight will celebrate with you! Take a look at an in-flight celebration from the 2012 Baseball World Series.

Consider Virgin America as the location for the next big game watching venue! Book here!

*Disclaimer: This is NOT authorized content from Virgin America. It’s a class project from USC Annenberg*


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